Social Assessment Reports

Keeping your child’s best interests at the forefront when conducting a Social Assessment Report.

Social Assessment Report

William is an experienced independent Consultant Report Writer and conducts Social Assessments for the Children’s Court of Queensland. William is typically commissioned through Legal Aid preferred suppliers to conduct comprehensive Social Assessment Reports.

The reports complied by William, whilst covering the requirements of the Children’s Court and the legislation, are independent and comprehensive.

William is a child-focused report writer and at all times, the child’s best interests is paramount and at the forefront during the report writing process

What is a Social Assessment Report?

A Social Assessment report is usually requested through a Separate Representative to assist the Separate Representative in representing your child/children before the Children’s Court of Queensland.

A Social Assessment Report provides the court an independent opinion on your child/children’s best interests, and assists the court in determining decisions that affect their future.

A Social Assessment Report is designed to assist the Separate Representative to represent the child/children and guide the Court in determining such recommendations as:-

  • 1.  Child Protection Orders (including Contact Arrangements).

How is the information collected to compile a Social Assessment Report?

  • 1.  Once Highland Family Consultant is commissioned to conduct a Social Assessment Report, all parties concerned will be contacted by our office to organise interviews, assessments and observations.
  • 2.  William will conduct in-home interviews and assessments and speak with the adults/parents and carers concerned in the Social Assessment Report. (William’s preferred method of compiling a Social Assessment Report is through the practice of home visits and interviews conducted at each respective parent and carers’ residences. In the event that this is not possible, the interviews and assessments will be conducted at an office).
  • 3.  William will conduct interviews, observations and assessments with all parties directly concerned with the Social Assessment Report. This will include the children involved, the parents, foster carers and kinship carers, the child safety officer for the child/children, current and ex-partners (where appropriate), significant person’s, and other relevant professionals such as counsellors and doctors.
  • 4.  William will also attend contact arrangements at the Department of Child Safety to conduct observations and assessments of contact occurring between the respective parent/s and child/children at the times indicated by the Department of Child Safety. (This includes weekend contact arrangements).

Information that may be collected at your interview:-

  • 1.   Family history;
  • 2.  Children’s history;
  • 3.  Your children’s individual needs;
  • 4.  All parties involved, their views, concerns and proposals;
  • 5.  Safety issues to the children or adults;
  • 6.  Your child’s views (A child will only be interviewed if they meet the requirements of an appropriate age to be interviewed, otherwise an observation only will occur).

How you can prepare for your interview and assessment for your Social Assessment Report:-

  • 1.   If the child/children is in your care, inform the child/children that William will be attending your residence to work out what is in the best interests of them as to whom they spend time with.
  • 2.  The appointments take approximately two hours to conduct.
  • 3.  Think about what you feel is in the best interests of your child/children, and why you think that is best for them.
  • 4.  Consider any concerns or issues you wish to discuss and any proposals you would like to put forward.

What happens with the information collected:-

Once the information has been collected and interviews, assessments and observations are conducted, William will collate the information into a comprehensive Social Assessment Report and release the report to the Separate Representative. The Social Assessment Report will be a comprehensive document with recommendations to assist the Separate Representative to represent the child/children, and guide the Children’s Court of Queensland in determining Child Protection Orders for the children concerned.

Our policy is to have all Social Assessment Reports released prior to the impending court dates (as indicated by the Separate Representative), unless extenuating circumstances occur that prevent the Social Assessment Report from being released prior to Mention and Trial Dates (i.e. All necessary documentation and subpoenaed documentation has not been supplied to the Report Writer prior to court date).

At no times should the Social Assessment Report be given, shown or copied for anyone not associated with the report.


We accept Legal Aid funded rates to conduct Social Assessment Reports for Separate Representative Lawyers (Sep Rep). In the event of exceptional travel requirements however, i.e. flights, overnight stays or excessive travel by car to remote areas, travel fees will be discussed with the Sep Rep’s office upon the commissioning of the Family Report.


William travels between Tasmania and Queensland to conduct Social Assessment Reports at Legal Aid Funded Rates.

Interviews & Assessments

Interviews and assessments are conducted in-home consisting of one visit each to of the parents, the foster carers/kinship carers, and one visit each to the Department of Child Safety, to conduct observations of contacts with respective parents (as per current court orders).In the event that interviews cannot be conducted in-home, the interviews will take place in an office.

Please phone Kerry to discuss fees and your individual requirements.

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